Joey L Behind The Scenes The Complete Tutorial Photoshop DVD

Joey L Behind The Scenes The Complete Tutorial Photoshop DVD

Уроки фотошоп от гения Joey L Behind
Результатом месяцев (может быть лет?) кто знает, я потерял счет времени, вышло намного чище и больше, чем я думал, в этом учебнике...
I found myself furiously clicking around Photoshop re-editing original photographs pulled from external hard drives, scribbling notes trying to lay out the patterns I worked in, and brewing new techniques wild eyed and maniacal. All of this while trying to stay awake and keep my voice calm and normal while I narrated and recorded it all in the middle of the night.

The result of months (maybe years? Who knows! I lost track of time) of this came out much cleaner and bigger than I had thought and turned into this tutorial that I???m quite proud of. I???m offering the knowledge of my techniques to you to better your own craft, whether it be to add that new-aged edgy look to your professional work or simply to bring something fresh to the results of your hobby. Check it out...

In this package containing 2 hours of material, you will find:

 Behind the scenes footage from many unique photo shoots covering an array of concepts and lighting situations, including detailed diagrams of the light set ups and props. Both studio lighting and simple techniques using standard reflectors are used
 Narrated live screen capture of the editing process, describing in detail all my techniques step by step and how you can do them yourself. Even my granny can follow along, but I am confident there is something for everyone to learn.

Joey L Behind The Scenes The Complete Tutorial Photoshop DVD | 1.37Gb





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